The olive trees are composed of the Leccino, Cellina di Nardo and Oglialora varieties, the most common in the area.

The taste of Due Amici oil is determined by this blend. However, the timing of the harvest, the selection of the olives and of course the type of pressing are decisive for the taste and quality of the oil.

The relatively early harvest gives the oil its fresh taste with a good portion of residual sharpness.

For the Due Amici oil only those olives are used that fall into the nets while vibrating from the tree. Olives that have not been caught with nets are of course not used.

After being collected, the olives are immediately taken to an adjacent oil mill where they are cold pressed to produce oil. The result is extra virgin olive oil of high quality. Currently the oil is offered in a 3 litre canister and in a 0.5 litre bottle.

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